Monday, 17 January 2011

We Are Inside The System, So Let's Deal With It

We Are Inside The System, So Let's Deal With It
This article is not meant to be yet another set of words, warnings, and debate, it is meant to create a mood. Yes, that's right, a mood. We earthlings, whether animal, mineral or human, work on ''cause and effect'', and react accordingly. So let's set the mood shall we? The British National Party's recent electoral campaigns have been excellent, all the hard work, and examples of selfless dedication have been echoed down the years, and right up to this point in time, people involved have stood behind the leadership through thick and thin. But talk of losing, and coming third or fourth, and added concerns over whether we have the right leader now, or the new logo, finances, loss of direction etc etc, are not symptoms of bad leadership, they are symptoms of alien governance on a national and international scale, engineered industrial destruction, and social and political unrest. We react sometimes as though the many articles I, and dozens of others have written, are from a far off vantage point... they aren't, they are from within this alien, parasite led system. Yes, the very same system that brought Germany to it's knees in the Wiemar Republic era, Russia, vast ears of Eastern Europe, and more recently, South Africa. Our forefathers, concerned with the boom years, making a living in relatively good times, and bringing up their families, all made progress more difficult. Add to this, the sly, unnoticed attacks on our freedoms, gay rights, racism, mass immigration, and other legislative agendas against white society piece by piece, and our modern ancestors never really wanted to know much more than they could handle. However, with the National Front, and the splinter groups that flew off it under internal pressures, and external agitators not spotted until too late in the game, the only reliable contender was the British National Party. John Tyndall allowed nationalists to gain some footing and PR in British politics, but mainly through the four year cycle of General Elections, and then again, as erudite and professional as John was, the party was never a credible alternative for most ordinary voters. The reasons are just a hand full, and media perpetrated in the main, thus just the same old slurs, smears, and labels, but damaging nonetheless. To this end, we now find ourselves with over a decade of massive success, and a good many lost battles, within a system that Nationalists all became part of, as they were bounced from recession to downturn, legal directives and social change, EU integration, and all that this encompassed. Enter Mr Griffin. And yes, immediate and to some, unwanted change. However, let's look at what we have all worked hard under Mr Griffin's leadership to accomplish. Myself included, and our good friends Russ Green and Simon Darby, were amongst a clutch of Councilors, around 20, that made history all well within a couple or so years. Then came the campaigns and TV appearances that ensured millions knew of the British National Party. Here, we can not dwell on every aspect of Mr Griffin's Chairmanship, but here we are, in January 2011, after all we have been through, and talk is of change, our low voting numbers, and a society angry with the establishment. But listen, that's the problem in a nutshell, we have done nothing wrong as a party, nor have our leaders let us down. They and us, simply have to engage in battles that are essentially the fault of the cattle, voting for murderous aliens, perverts, and held captive in a system that makes any challenge to it, illegal and open to accusations of bigotry, racism, and homo-phobia etc etc. Add to to all these problems, mass immigration and a near police state, and you are not even on the radar any more as a people. Yes, we have lost large numbers of Councillors, but look at the enemy, look at the media, and look at the increasingly dictatorial system we are locked into. We are only as good as the game being played, and as stated previously, it is no longer as our parents knew it. The ''chess board'' is the only option open to us, so once again, we must look at the right game, and not a game that may have been passable in times past. Our leaders are human, and our game is challenged like no other, and we now have to stay focused and loyal. Only a large rump of loyalists to what we have worked for, and to whom we owe our recent victories, will see us through to the next levels in the game. Our next move will be vital, and we can achieve some of what we want as individual activists, party workers, and citizens, only by staying together as one single entity. We are in the system that was forced upon us, so the next time someone gets a little worried about direction, spending, good use of activist's time etc, please remember that all we are suffering from now, was allowed under the watch of our parents, grand parents, and the millions of people, herded into socially unacceptable conditions. These have led to where we are now, and they have pushed us as Nationalists under Mr Griffin, into what is basically a battle on four sides. One, is economically, Two, is Socio-Culturally, Three is the initially slow erosion of our Ethnic belonging, and Four could be said to include the massive, anti-British, anti-White alien written laws, and all four remember, under the watch of previous generation. People.... we, YOU, are the last generation which will be able to halt more of the same. Our only concern politically, is that we do not enter this year as depressed, uninterested ''former activists''. We must not allow moaners and groaners, agents, and ''selfish ambition'' of certain personalities, to create the wrong mood as we go forth into battle for our race and nation. Allow yourselves time, adjust to the circumstances you, and the rest of Britain finds itself in. Please, whatever you do, stay with the game, and stay with the current leadership, as one nudge of the arm whilst on this road we have all travelled, will take our vehicle down a ditch, from which we may never recover. Mr Griffin, MEP, along with Andrew Brons, and the group behind them, running this party the best way they can, need stability. Take a long hard look at the title of this article, and please remember the mood we need to go forth together... WE ARE INSIDE THIS SYSTEM, SO DEAL WITH IT... as a single entity, a single mass that will never surrender our land, the memories and battle of the past, and the future of those who will be born with no hope if we lose.


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