Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Left... Crime, Perversion And Money

The Left... Crime, Perversion And Money

The left was formed in a snake pit of filth, crime, usury, and violence. By comparison, those smeared with the term ''Right-Wing'', are with a few exceptions, law abiding people, with families, careers, and a natural tendency towards healthy lifestyles and mental attitudes. It is hardly necessary to detail here, the origins and make-up of Communism and general leftist thinking, suffice to say it was alien, hateful, and it's roots are buried deep in the mists of the early 20th century, and a little before that even. The links forged with alien religions, and the damage done through this, have been recently proven once again, with work by Anjin Sama and the Green Arrow in highlighting an attack coming from a Muslim area in Serbia or thereabouts.

However, how many realise the links to organised serious crime, between governments past and present, have contributed towards an engineered state of affairs for the West? A few, but not many ordinary people. Mayer Lansky was well known enough to have been chosen for ''war work'' in America by it's corrupt, and some say, Communistic leadership. He broke up nationalist rallies, and was extremely violent towards activists who did not want the US involved in what many saw as a war against brothers. Crime and government seem to go together. We all know of course that David Cameron signed his name amongst a list of those opposing the BNP.

From it's earliest days, Left Wing opinion was steeped in the dual role of money, and Socialist causes. The so-called Right-Wing, especially Nationalists, were from that moment on, treated as though they were criminals. The banking fraternity was without doubt, the source of great wealth for Marxists, Trotsky, and others, who took it upon themselves to create a private army of haters, and violent thugs. In fact, it got so bad in the United States that a little known law was passed. The ''1919 California act'', defined "criminal syndicalism" as any doctrine or precept advocating, ''teaching, or aiding and abetting the commission of crime, sabotage, or unlawful acts of force, as a means of accomplishing a change in industrial ownership, or effecting any political change." Criminal syndicalism was thus a felony punishable by imprisonment.

The above may be surprising to many readers, because it was in the post war era in the US that, Communism was mostly vilified and those attached to it, punished by the state. My my, how things have changed. The left tried hard to cause havoc in America, and here in Britain, but it just didn't work the way they wanted it. Sadly, through the same criminal links, ''jobs for the boys'', and special handshakes, money laundering and financiers grouping together to bring about ''Social Change'', it has now actually come about. Modern criminals and ''adult industry'' bosses, now seem to offer every opportunity going, to the very types who once faced years of jail, or humiliation in the public eye. Even Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, apologised for delivering an ''anti-communist speech'' during an informal European Union summit dinner, attended by non other than former President Bush. So how powerful is the link between Communists/Socialists, and the money men of the world?

The criminals who have entered politics since the end of the second world war, have made billions collectively out of smashing our once gleaming and world renowned industrial might. They have stripped us of our dignity, robbed us of our pensions, and with the foreign owned parasites in the banking world, created a hotbed of interracial, multi-cultural problems, and caused many people to flee from the towns and cities of their birth. But, what do the criminals of the left do? Yes, blame the so-called ''Capitalists'' whom they know full well, funded Marx and other ''icons'' of theirs. This is what Workers Liberty say about all this:

Crime waves and gun battles sell newspapers. If you believe the media, we live in a war zone, terrorised by feral children and gangsters. Such press coverage is, in reality, a libel on working-class areas. Politicians just love the momentum this gives them to parade their "toughness" again. However, there is a real problem of crime and anti-social behaviour in working-class areas. It is not just a fiction composed by right-wing politicians and journalists. People rate this issue amongst their top concerns not because they have fallen for the hype but because it is happening to them... repeatedly burgled; kept awake all night; can't walk round the estate or use the play facilities because it is too dangerous.

So why not admit it then, and be honest about the real causes? Because that would not go down well with those who fund your websites and organisations, that's why. It's all rather easy to say the ''Working classes are the ones being left out of society'', but we know you were all silent when it was elderly white grannies and old folks being mugged, and girls being groomed by Muslim youths, and other anti-white crimes. Crime is pandemic in Socialist countries, and because poverty is a social engineering tool for your banking friends and funders, the leftists cannot admit that it is multi-culturalism and immigration fueling the worst and most violent crimes. Of course, they are right in one thing: When it comes down to it, it is personal experiences of crime and violence that makes people wake up and moan. The only ''libel on working class areas'', is that we have had our inheritance stolen, our pensions ruined, and our very freedoms oppressed.

When Engels and Marx were writing about the causes of crime, as is the case with modern Socialists, the emphasis was always found to be around ''The Class System'', and that crime was the only way out for the poor. In immigrations terms, they are right, but what fed this system, was the fact ethnic groups competed against another, especially where one group was either indigenous, or had long-held roots there. In the 1920's and 30's, Britain went through terrible periods of depression, and social deprivation, but there were no muggings to speak of, and the elderly were always safe. In America, we saw riots, mass disobedience, and outright criminal destruction in Black areas, and this has been seen where ever the Afro-American, or Afro-Caribbean community has found a home. Criminals at the highest levels of our society, have for decades fostered race problems, and ''White racism'' as the be all and end all.

In truth, there was very little evidence that racism was the culprit, and the Marxists know it. Intellectual criminals such as the various advisers and financial backers of Conservative and Labour governments, have controlled all thought and laws in this regard. So bad is the situation, that a Rapist has now forced Cameron to heed to the EU about rights etc, and we now face added problems as prisoners are likely to get the right to vote. Forget left and right, and forget the pretentious ''opposition'' parties here, we are now being controlled by the left, and as has always been the case, the leftist thinkers and alien law-makers here, in America, and Europe, have always used crime and criminals to their advatage.... after all, Christians know full well that, ''left'' is evil, and ''right'' comes from Righteousness. The Left is abnormal, criminally insane, and it is the left-wingers who use the red flag... red is for blood, danger, and unnatural tendencies. Is it no wonder then, we are living in the most dangerous, and crime fueled era know to any generation of Britons?