Sunday, 5 December 2010

Inside Knowledge = Insider Trading And Globalism

If you or I were to withdraw our taxes, and go ”Global”, we would be hunted down, and possibly jailed. If you or I were already wealthy, and decided that we would go Global, and damn the rest of our kith and kin, well that’s ”good business” don’t you know?
But what about another, more sinister idea, one that revolves around powerful money men, and the Globalist agenda?

If you say the right things, and smack enough of your own people in the face, wallet, and cultural traditions, whilst pretending to give a damn about Africa etc, you can get inside information, or at the very least, enough of it, to save you lots of money in taxes. Bono, the Irish Rock band front man, and all round darling of Globalists and ”anyone but whitey” charity fund raiser, decided four years ago, to move all of his taxable assets out of his own country, and rob his people of much needed income and support. He presumably (allegedly) knew what was coming. In 2008, Ireland had already been lined up to be ”forced to vote twice” on the EU treaty, by letting interested parties know that:


French officials have penned an explosive document entitled ‘Solution to the Irish Problem’, in which they say the EU should push Ireland into re-running its referendum next year, opening the way for the treaty to come into force. In return, Europe would offer Dublin a few promises, in a bid to ensure its people vote in favour of the treaty. Critics say it is almost identical to the EU Constitution, rejected by the French and the Dutch in 2005.

Kraft who bought Cadbury Ltd, are now going to join hundreds of wealthy people and companies in robbing the British Exchequer of millions in Corporation Tax, by moving ”certain posts” to Switzerland, so as to cover legalities regarding ”slashing costs and restructuring”. The British company has gone from being a well respected employer, building homes for its workers, and providing assistance for them at many levels, to a Globalist money spinner, with foreign bosses who care little about traditional values and ethics. Only this week, tax campaigners staged various ”sit-ins” at Topshop branches in protest against ”tax avoidance” by business group group owner, Sir Philip Green. If people are becoming aware of what the British National Party has spent years warning our folk of, then surely with the internet still relatively free, we can engage the ordinary voter that, nothing less than bloc voting en mass, can secure a future for our children?

Insider Trading was in the news quite a lot when the Conservatives were in power, but it is now obvious that it matters not who controls the levers, as the whole damned lot of them are in it up to their noses. The Financial Services Authority (FSA), said back in March this year that, six men, including “two senior City professionals at leading city institutions and one City professional at a hedge fund,” had been arrested. They are suspected of involvement in “a sophisticated and long-running insider-dealing ring”. The watchdog added that it believed these City professionals passed on inside information to traders, who in turn “traded based on this information, and made significant profits as a result”. So what is the difference then, between Bono, Green, and hundreds of mainly foreign origin ”natives”, who know how the world system works, and the insider traders? Absolutely nothing… they are one and the same.

As patriots and Nationalists, we are observant when it comes to the rare TV programme worth watching, but another ”British” businessman, Lord Ashcroft, fond of supporting our war weary boys with his TV programme about heroic actions and terrible injuries, and spokesman for them through various mediums, is not so keen on putting his money where his mouth is. Although he enjoys collecting George Crosses, with a value of some millions, his non-Domicile status enabled him to engineer his position, just in time to avoid a tax request of £3.4 Million, the day before he was due to help his beloved nation by handing this over to the British taxman.. you know, to help the NHS, keep roads in good condition, pay back some of the billions ”we owe” to the Globalist banking club, and help the injured soldiers and families affected by the illegal war in Afghanistan.

The time may well be upon us all, when actions such as withdrawing ALL taxes, until we are satisfied with our government, and are at last free from the billions stolen from us each year by the unelected EU, bankers, and non-domicile ”fake British business” people. The whole of the western world’s people, and for that matter, the so-called independent states of Africa’s poverty stricken people, are literally being mugged and robbed by an elite, whose only goal is to keep control of the wealth we, and our ancestors, worked and died for. If another five years goes by, and little if anything changes, we may as well forget it, and line up for for rations at the local soup kitchen. The film stars, rock stars, and other parasites leeching off ordinary people by moving money around to save them more income, are part of the Globalist system that feeds nations incapable of looking after their own. The only problem is that of course, we are not immune.

Once thriving western rural, and industrial nations, where taxes were low, work was plentiful supply, and life was much simpler and healthier, are now so broken that only radical action will make the bloody parasites sit up and listen. As my recent article suggested, we should be looking at working with organisations such as ”The Tax Payers Alliance”, not only as a political bloc, but as individuals. Being in the know, and being part of the Global scam of ”famine relief” and national aid contributions, will give Bono and the like, unlimited scope to access even more boot licking, back slapping fame and fortune. People on that level, whose fans have paid for their wealth and lifestyles, then turn their backs on their countryfolk by taking hard cash out of the system, should not get away with this for one month longer.

As Nationalists, and even those reading this who are not bothered about politics etc, must understand that if the Global elite can take advantage of the system, then by knowing what we all know, every school leaver and older, can also be part of the ”Opposition To Insider Knowledge and Anti-Globalism campaign”, and do what is necessary and possibly act as suggested here. We have little time, let’s act, because if the lunatics and warmongers get their way, Europe will be joined politically, economically, and Socio-Culturally with Africa… and it will be more of our money that pays for it.


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