Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Past Is Not Another Country
As we head towards the Christmas and Yuletide festivals, and yet another year passes us by, not only will we all be thinking of those we knew, and loved, but many Nationalists will be thinking: Has it really all gone too far? And also: Are we doomed to fight each other and relinquish our land to others, whilst we continue division within the ranks? Some may even be preparing for the American idea of Racial Armageddon and Social Breakdown. Others, such as the average BNP voter, will be thinking along the lines of more simplistic and personal financial problems that lie ahead. Whatever your personal views, we all know the future is bleak to say the least. Having said all that, as thinkers, activists, writers, and Philosophers, one or two particular subjects and questions are crucial: Can the future be engineered to our advantage, and can we use our ancient knowledge and Socio-Cultural traditions to facilitate a renaissance? As you see from the picture above, it only takes the creation of the right atmosphere, and acting upon the feelings produced and promoted to enthuse the majority into action, and much can be achieved in a relatively short time. In recent articles, ranging from the London Patriot ( to this very site, the main BNP site, the Black Country Patriot( and our friends at the and West Wales Patriot site (, there are articles written by different people that, to all intents and purposes, link up and potentially solve problems including how to break the chains of bondage, and kill the parasites that have made us into beasts of burden. With Marxist hate propaganda now in full swing, even our children seem to be targeted in the most ugly manner. Over the past ten years or so, hair colour and pigment has been used by the media, and PC prone Experts, to undermine the confidence of Blond and Red headed parents and children. Pheomelanin, a yellow to red pigment, is supposedly dying out. Blond and red heads contain predominantly Pheomelanin. This goes against all we actually see, as the blond and red headed children, including my own, are actually everywhere that European and British people are. In the distant past (Pre-Roman) European people, ranging from the Norse and Germanic folk, the Ancient Britons, and right down to the Mediterranean, cultures, were based upon art, architecture, invention, and the kind of Socio-Political and economic order we could only dream of today. An example of the real history of our kind is sometimes hard to locate, due to the foreign owned media, entertainment and political infrastructure of it's leadership and staff etc, but upon reasonably easy, and steady research by even a remotely interested person, the shock is sometimes worth it. Shock, What shock? The shock of knowing that war was actually a rarity, and that to create the aforementioned societies, there could not have been unrest and wars on a massive scale, otherwise societies could not have achieved such superior levels. Yes, it is true that envy and land-grabbing by genetically similar peoples did prove fatal at times, but the essentially untainted, homogeneous ancient societies, were left to go their own way, and traded and communicated with each other fruitfully. Some scholars who have been far more realistic, and less Marxoid (Politically Correct), have used the terms Hellenisation, or Hellenistic, to cover this period of our development. However, as nice as this sounds, the reality is far more older, and far more widespread than was previously believed. Modern schoolchildren and even older, supposedly free thinking students, know almost nothing about the true European peoples. At just 8%, we cannot afford much more loss of land mass, and loss of our blood to go with that land mass. Arthur Kemp's March Of The Titans ( produces much more complex and detailed information than an article here, but this article is intended to create a re-energising of reason, and a semblance of intellectual debate, so as to push forward options for our survival and ultimate renaissance in physical and mental form. So then, what about our future? Regardless of media and entertainment propaganda, only philosophy = action will unite and enthuse our people into a potential renaissance. We've had, and still have political activism. We've had articles, debate, and ideas. We've got websites and blogs galore, but we still manage to argue and fracture ourselves... let's get on with it please folks. Ancient civilisations all seem to have two things in common... ideals, then destruction. Arguments as to what causes societies to implode and self-destruct, are numerous. However, foreign meddling and political parasitism, leading to social unrest, immigration, and loss of industrial/artistic ownership and intellectual ideas, are at the forefront of this implosion. The future could be the picture that accompanies this article. One picture like this, brings one to think of beauty, warm sunny weather, growth, social order, good food, fresh water-a-plenty, and a criminal community so small, no one would even notice or care about them once out of sight and mind of the rest of society. With the past, some of it not widely known, the future could find solace, and Visa-Versa. If instituted, a future umbrella organisation, could for example, re-introduce the ancient idea of Guilds. British Druids for instance, were instrumental in educating young Belgae (Belgium) folk, but how many are aware of this fact? The current Queen herself, has been a druid since 1946 when she was inducted into the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards, and although many now wonder why the Monarchy has been so silent regarding the EU and world establishment/government, such an organisation, well funded, and well supported by our people world-wide, could offer one last chance to our monarchy. Let's be honest, even though some of us are not enamoured by Sovereignty etc, every single tribe, nation, and era, was founded on the basis of Kings and Queens. Opportunities would be on our terms, and showing honour and valour like Queen Elizabeth, and before her, King Alfred, and later, Queen Victoria, would vindicate them, and make them acceptable to us. Republics, democracies, and everything in between, have failed. If we want this, and future generations to be creative, artistic, intellectually sharp, inventive, and able to protect our kith and kin, then we must re-create not only a medium term Boudicca City, as a previous article suggested, but eventually, we must produce the physical, educational, socio-economic, and architectural bedrock that will supply the next generation of white folk, with the armour and weaponry required to live a peaceful, productive, and happy life. One only has to look at Rome itself, and although war-like, and enjoying empire status through military supremacy, Rome, and the Romans, were extremely inventive, relatively artistic, peaceful, and enjoyed architecture that is still envied today. Not only in the city itself was this beauty seen. Their Aqueducts, Viaducts, and drainage systems were brilliant examples of innovative, clean, and civilised living. The drainage systems were in fact, known to have been in existence in pre-Romano European cultures also... So much for us being savages eh? Our future is an open book, and we have been, as Nationalists, the only ones stopping the greasy, money-grabbing hands of our ancient enemies from closing it. That book is as yet unfinished... I and others sincerely hope you join me in ensuring that when it is finished, it is beautified with pictures like the one above. Pictures that not only represent nature as shown, but represent what we want in full, and that it is solely our words and deeds, which provide everything leading up to the final chapter, and those words used to signify the closing chapter are simply literature, and not literal - The End.

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