Thursday, 31 December 2009

2010 and all that.

2010 and all that.

We are approaching a new decade, and what do we have to look forward to?

More of the same as 2009 I suspect, more taxes, more sleaze, more of the AGW scam, more corrupt politicians rigging elections, blah blah blah!!!

Why has it come to this?

We have all seen the extent to which our entrenched politicos will go to hang onto what they truly believe is rightly theirs. By combining forces with another party "we can play musical chairs forever". They believe this, because for decades it has been true. The Tweedledum Tweedledee axis, with the LibDems as the 'Mad March hare', just a sop to the false idea that another party might get to sit at the top table. Well there is no chance of that happening, and Cleggy and Co know it.

Now, back to my above question.

It has come about because the "idiot" voter, -"ignorant" may better be used to describe the voters of this country, -if someone can give me another fair enough- has been suckered by the political elite, not just by feeding the masses the sleep inducing drug of "Reality TV", but also by turning the voter away from thinking about politics itself. The sorry sight of MPs and civil servants sucking at the teat of our taxes, gives the impression that no politician is to be trusted, and no matter who we vote for it is more of the same. Why are we not surprised the voter won’t turn off the goggle box, get off his/her fat arse and go to the polling booth, when it changes nothing?

The only ones who will vote are the activists, and the few with an independant bloody minded whose brains have not been turned into mush. I may stand corrected here, but under 40% of those on the electoral register voted at the Euro election, this is shameful.

I come now to the point of the whole sorry mess we are in today. The postal vote; it is the means by which the elite will keep power. Manipulate the elderly, the infirm, the newly, or not so newly arrived in this country that need to be guided in the ways of the Democratic process, and the aforementioned lazy arses, and so the musical chair game will carry on.

"If you don't vote, you get the Government you deserve."

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